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Desktop Programming Examples

Delphi Custom Programming Projects

Joist is a Delphi CAD application used to design steel joists. Users can chose to use the text based designer or the visual designer. The visual designer behaves like common designer tools wherein users can select members and modify properties. Multiple-selection is also supported.
Cambria converted the original program from Turbo Pascal 7 to Borland Delphi 7. The application is heavy on mathematical computations and numeric precision is a top priority. It doesn't rely on third party database for its data storage needs.
Instead, the program uses text files and variable-record-length binary files.
Technologies Used: Turbo Pascal, Delphi 7, Binary files for data storage
IntegrityDDS is an information management system for dental shops. It supports thousands of accounts with multiple members, scheduling, insurance claims management, and many others.

The original application was developed in Delphi 7 using a multi-tier database architecture on top of the DBISAM database engine. Cambria upgraded the application to use MS SQL Server for performance and support reasons. Optimizations in both code and SQL statements were also applied together with the GUI make-over. The end-result is a much faster, more responsive, and professional-looking application.

Technologies Used: Delphi 7, DBISAM database, MS SQL Server 2008, ReportBuilder, Indy Components
Telescope deals with Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). It is used to project repurchase obligations. A user creates a study and a scenario in which assumptions and census information is entered. Each combination of information, assumptions and census data is a scenario. Scenarios are grouped together in studies; all scenarios in a study share the same census data. A user creates a separate study for each different census. Telescope allows users to create and retain multiple studies, and multiple scenarios within each study.

The application is developed in Delphi 2007 and is using FlashFiler for database and RAVE for reports.

Technologies Used: Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, RAVE Reports, FlashFiler database, Indy Components
Cambria also develops web applications in Delphi (ASP.Net) and VoltrakWeb is one of them. It is a volunteer tracking software with support for touch screen monitors. The touch screen support is for time in/out logging.
Cambria created the web version of an existing Win32 desktop application. To minimize development time (and cost too!), the existing reports (90+ of them) were reused. They were wrapped in a DLL and each report has one exported function. The function returns a filename of the generated PDF file then the web app provides a link (URL) to that file.

Technologies Used: ASP.Net, Delphi 2007 (upgraded from Delphi 2006), ASP.Net 1.1/2.0, MySql database server, ADO, QuickReport, AJAX
Yard Duty Scheduler
Another web application developed in Delphi.Net is a Yard Duty Scheduler. It automates scheduling of yard duty for teachers. The school admin simply enters start and end of school year, teacher information, list of holidays, and list of tasks. Then the application will generate a schedule for the entire year making sure each teacher has equal number of days worked. The generated schedule can still be manually modified if necessary.

Technologies Used: ASP.Net, Delphi 2007, MS SQL Server, AJAX

Desktop Custom Programming Projects

Desilva Gates Construction
Evapco Corporation. This Fortune 500 company is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems. Evapco supports its worldwide customers with manufacturing facilities and sales offices strategically located around the world. We have worked for them for approximately ten years on a million-dollar system to automate their sales efforts.
Desilva Gates Construction
Desilva Gates Construction. Desilva Gates Construction is a large San Francisco Bay area construction company that had Cambria write systems that put the operations of most of their departments on an internal intranet. Programmers and designers in both our Ardmore, PA and Palo Alto, CA offices shared the work on this multi-year project.
American Flood Systems
American Flood Systems. American Flood Systems has been providing flood hazard certifications for New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania since 1995. Their specialty is to provide accurate flood hazard certificates with quick turnaround time. We created their corporate web site and a system that would allow them to not only provide this quick turn-around time, but would also interface with their largest client's system so information can be automatically exported and imported between the two systems. Their entirely web-based system is hosted with Cambria.
GradeCheck. GradeCheck was founded 1997 to play a major role in determining student-athlete academic progress to attain athletic scholarship from intercollegiate program. They simplify the screening process of NCAA eligibility and also empowers the youth to academic achievement.

GradeCheck is a dependable advocate and a perfect source of laudable student-athlete. With unparallel gains, they are indeed a help long remembered.

We created a customized online system for them that aid a lot of parents, guidance counselor and even student-athlete who can easily sign on for a fast and effective way to monitor academic standing vs. the NCAA eligibility requirements.

1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

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"Having been an Executive in Silicon Valley Hi-Tech software companies for the last 20 years I know how important your front line people are to your customer satisfaction. In Geoff and Bart you have two guys who really take a personal interest in the customer. Pass on my thanks to them."

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"Thank you all very much for the efficient, friendly, fast and reasonably priced help you gave me when my computer tried to commit suicide.
I had great help all the way ... and then Ken who not only fixed it, but answered my long list of questions and offered me excellent tips for avoiding future problems."

Urban Whitaker, Lytton Gardens, Palo Alto, CA

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