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Outsourcing is exploding in the Philippines!

Outsourcing software development from the USA has exploded in the early part of this decade. A lions share of this went to India early on but in recent years no country is benefiting from the boom more than the Philippines. Cambria made the decision in 2006 to set up a software outsourcing company in Manila and it was just in time. According to wikipedia the offshore software development industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006 and Manila has replaced New Delhi in the number 3 position for software outsourcing cities in 2013. The dramatic increase in Software companies in the Philippines has probably places Manila even higher

Offshore Software Development Philippines

According to the Times of India "The critical factors that are adding momentum to Philippines are its cultural and accent similarities with the US, cost competitiveness, and a strong positive perception of BPO careers (they are not stop-gap careers like in India)." The Times has the competitiveness a little wrong here. Software Outsourcing has grown relative to India despite the fact that the Philippine Peso has risen by 20% against the dollar in the last 3 years while the Indian rupee has dropped. In other words despite the fact that Philippine programmers are getting more expensive compared to India, the software industry is still growing at a favorable rate.

You have to ask why. According to Microsourcing " the answer is this: "Unlike India and China, the Philippines has a culture that is very compatible with Western cultures. After being a Spanish colony, the Philippines was governed by the United States from 1899 to 1946; the after effects are still very evident today. Television and movie theaters are almost fully dedicated to American productions that are shown in English without subtitles. English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. ...With the strong presence of the US, the Philippines had developed a government that is somewhat similar to the US system. This makes Western companies more comfortable in doing business in the Philippines." Microsourcing might have added that outsourcing software development to Manila is clearly worth the price.

Office of Cambria
Mobile Development Client Dave Phillips of DelangEMobile.

Outsource to our Software Company in the Philippines! Then, like Dave, relax knowing it will be done right.

You won't be disappointed. Outsourcing software development makes sense. And it saves money. Cambria has been in the Philippines since 2007 and has a programming history in the USA going back to 1984. We are not only a software outsourcing company but we have an established business in the USA. Over the years Cambria gradually gained offshore clients and by 2006 had clients in eight countries. To be better placed for software outsourcing from these countries and to compete with offshore software development companies in India and elsewhere in Asia we decided that we had better be an offshore software development companies ourselves. So we put James C., our Technical Director, a Filipino native himself, on a plane to Manila in October 2006 and asked him to hire the best programmers he could find in Manila.

We never seriously considered outsourcing software development to another country because the Philippines is an American English speaking country with an American style culture as a result of the long United States presence in the islands. The Times of India is just finding this out but it was obvious to us in 2006. Consequently our American clients, and clients in countries such as Australia with a similar culture, have no trouble in communicating with us. And, of course, our office here is part of an American company so there will be no trouble in finding us during the day if you need us.

Cambria Office We first worked in the Penthouse office of the Trident Tower in the Makati Central Business District, in the heart of Metro Manila. When we out grew that we moved to our present offices in the Glass Tower just a couple of hundred yards away from the bustling streets, shops, and hotels of Greenbelt and Glorietta Mall one of the premiere shopping districts of the country - or any country.

Our office here is strong in Web Design, Web Programming, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Microsoft Access, PHP, ColdFusion, and programming for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows Phone. It goes without saying that we are also experienced in the use of the databases that go with these skills. I am sorry for this long laundry list, but it is a fact that we cover all these skills on a day to day basis and also have time for the occasional maintenance of a FoxPro database or a Classic ASP website like our own.

On a personal note, I had never been to Asia before we opened our office here and was a little apprehensive of what I would find when I got to Manila. What I found were friendly hard working people in a country in which any American would quickly feel at home. Moreover, there is a wealth of programming talent here to draw upon. The government has made a tremendous effort in educating the population and, unlike at home, a college education is affordable as well as of high quality. My advice is for you to outsource software development to our office here and then use this as an opportunity to make a visit and experience this large and interesting country. (Today there are almost 100 million people growing at twice the rate of the USA and, as a consequence, most of them young and looking for an opportunity to shine).

Officially, Cambria Software Philippines, Inc. is a separate company but is wholly owned by Cambria Corporation in the Silicon Valley. In practice we have our own business in Asia but often work closely with our USA based programmers and designers on projects that originate in the United States.

Come visit us today and experience the service from a custom software development company dedicated to providing solutions for your business and whose team strives to excel in each project given to them.

An American is always at home in Manila, the Philippines.

Dick at home in Manila Here is our president, a native Philadelphian, standing near his favorite Philly Cheesesteak restaurant only 5 blocks from our Makati office.

From Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA Road) go straight on to Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City. When you reach the end turn right on to EDSA. Stay left and keep going until you reach Ayala Avenue, Makati. Turn on to Ayala. (Landmark: Dusit Hotel).

From Dusit Hotel keep going until you see the Shangri-la Hotel and turn left. Bear right on to Dela Rosa St. and then turn left at C. Palanca Street. Look for 115 Glass Tower Building on the right hand of the street. Cambria's office is at the 4th floor, Unit B.

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3723 Haven Ave #130
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115 Carlos Palanca St.
Makati, Philippines 1229
63.2.8813.1126 / 650.331.0713 (USA)

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