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Cambria was founded 1984 in the Silicon Valley and is still there in Menlo Park. By 2006 we were getting increasing competition from overseas and decided to set up our own offshore software development company.

Web Hosting Services

Cambria hosting is restricted to our programming and design clients. It is offered as a convenience so that one phone call can cover hardware or software problems. We do not offer round-the-clock customer support as found at full service hosting companies. So, a late-night crash of our web server might mean that your site will be down through the night and perhaps longer. Of course, we would try to fix any problems first thing the next morning. Mission-critical sites should not be hosted with us. Cambria does not accept responsibility for loss of business caused by any hosting malfunctions.

ASP Classic and Designer
Clariza (Web Designer), Chris and Janice (ASP Classic)

That said, Cambria's servers are highly stable, and our prices often are lower than those of major hosting companies.

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