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"Without control of your Software you don't have control of your company" (i.e. Own the Source Code)1

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Perl Programming

Custom Perl Programming at Cambria

Custom software development services have been the centerpiece of what Cambria had to offer since our founding in 1984. When we entered the internet age we began to offer perl custom development services to our clients in the 1990s. It was not long before we found the Perl programming language to be ideal for many web site programming tasks, including form processing, e-commerce, custom CGI applications, and connecting web sites to databases such as the MySQL database server. We began moving development to the Philippines in 2007 and in 2010 we began to offer offshore perl web development from Manila.

The Perl Consultants and Developers of Cambria

Perl Programmer
Expert Perl Developers John (RJ) Caraan and Arrianne Salvador.

Our Perl consulting team consists of John Caraan and Arrianne Salvador, shown above, who work in our Philippine office in Manila. It has been led by John Carraan ever since he took over programming on the B2B Yellow Page project from Ragini Yalamanchali back in 2009. This venerable site allows users to search for information online about products and services. You can read about both of these experts on our staff page.

The Cambria Perl E-Commerce System

Cambria has developed a complete e-commerce system using Perl. It offers internet customers a quick and easy online shopping experience, including a secure checkout with instant online credit card verification. It is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of any business.

Perl Programming Pitfalls

Because Perl is so widespread, and because there are countless free Perl scripts that can be downloaded from the internet, many non-programmers attempt to use Perl for their own web site programming needs. Unfortunately this rarely produces professional-quality results. Some popular Perl scripts even contain serious security flaws that can allow hackers to take control of a computer that is running them.

People often call Cambria after they have tried to install Perl scripts on their own and found that it is more difficult than they expected, they did not get the caliber of results they were hoping for, or they were concerned that the Perl scripts they installed could compromise the security of their web server. Get it right the first time! Hire Cambria for secure, professional Perl programming.

Custom Perl Development at Cambria

Perl scripts written by our Expert Perl Developers in Manila can harness the power of database management systems like MySQL and turn megabytes of data into useful information. Powerful search functions give users quick answers to complex queries.

Other Perl applications Cambria has written include internet postcards, customer contact forms, event registration forms, and membership and mailing list management. Whatever kind of web site application you can imagine, Cambria can program in Perl - quickly, securely, and professionally.

Opportunities at Cambria for an Expert Perl Developer

Cambria is a consulting company and a perl consulting company in particular. We write custom perl software for a variety of clients. It is an environment where new things arise monthly so you will never get locked into doing the same old thing day after day. Our perl programmers log plenty of time at the keyboard, it is true, but they also have the opportunity to interact with clients and apply their skills to new projects and new problems. So if you are an expert Perl programmer and think that being a Perl consultant would be a nice change of pace then check the "careers" section of this website to see if we are currently hiring Perl Developers in our Makati office.

Cambria's venture into Perl Programming

This is for those with no time to slog through this site but who want to know a little more about us before pushing that contact button. Nancy and Dick started Cambria in 1984 and began offering computer programming services and computer consulting out of our office in Palo Alto. We were comfortable enough using the DOS operating system until one day in the mid 1990s we were asked to write a small Perl program and I said I thought we could do it.

At a staff meeting later that day we discussed who should do it and one of our top computer programmers of all time, Greg McCann, raked me over the coals for deviating from from the systems in which we were already expert. But it was too late and as our top man Greg was the natural choice to learn Perl. He studied it over weekend, and with a little help from Dick on the JavaScript, which was also new to us, wrote the program. That launched us into web programming. After this Greg never looked back and DOS receded into his past. Today, of course, Web Programming in general and Perl programming in particular account for most of the computer programming we do at Cambria.

The Silicon Valley is a great place for a computer programming company but competing with every famous software company for local software development talent is not easy for a small company and we had serious problems in hiring talent of Greg's caliber.

To cope with this problem we started an office in Philadelphia in 1999 and later in 2006 took the leap across the world to the Philippines. In the Philippines, where we had the possibility and means to hire the best talent that exists in this English speaking country of 100 million, we have been astoundingly successful. Today most of us are in the Philippines and we are a company of 30 or so employees offering help in many computer specialties of which the one described on this page is one.

Samples of Custom Perl Programming Projects of Cambria

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1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

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