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"Without control of your Software you don't have control of your company" (i.e. Own the Source Code)1

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Custom PHP Development

Custom PHP Programming Services at Cambria

If you are looking for help with your PHP software development project and if our 38 years experience in California in the custom software business (and more than a decade and a half as a php software development company) is enough of a reference to just talk to us then you need not read further. Contact us here and let us know what you need. Our offshore PHP developers Ross, Zy, Anthoner and Nelson in the Philippines, can do the job for you. If you are not sure about our PHP programming services or about Cambria then read on for a while and I will see if I can be helpful without being a bore as I extol the virtues of our php programming company.

Cambria: Leading PHP Development Company? Leader? Best? Well-Entrenched? Trusted Leader!??

While working on this page I thought I might make a statement about our Custom PHP programming services and scrolled through PHP software searches on Google to have a look at what our competition says. My favorite was a statement that they can provide "web solutions of any complexity". Really? Any Complexity? "A Well-Entrenched PHP Web Development Company" was one of my runners up. "Trusted Leader", on the other hand, sounds a little scary. Could this be a North Korean PHP software development company? In that case maybe being well entrenched is a good idea after all

Lead offshore php developer Ross heads up our php programming services
Ross, head of php software development

Not every site on a Google list is so full of overblown prose of course and I don't mean to be unkind. But maybe being just a little bit pretentious is part of PHP culture. The initials originally stood for "Personal Home Page". With the tremendous success of PHP over the years the thought has been that it needs a more dignified name. PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Get it? The first P is in the PHP itself. But pretentious or not it is a great software development tool.

As for us, Our php programming company is a band of custom PHP developers who started in the Silicon Valley and try not to be too pretentious about it. These days we operate out of our office in the Philippines. which is where most of our custom software development is done these days. So for PHP at least we are an offshore company and we invite everyone sick of high prices to outsource their PHP software development to us. Our prices, though a bargain, can be undercut but for quality custom PHP development we would be difficult to beat by anyone.

Cambria’s Custom PHP development staff

PHP Software Development by Ner, Ross and Zy
Custom PHP development experts Ner, Ross and Zy

Ross has over 15+ years of experience in the field of IT (computer programming), while Nelson has 20+ years in E-commerce. Both Ross and Nelson have extensive experience building PHP websites and PHP frameworks such as Zend, EC-Cube, CakePhp, Code Igniter and Laravel. Zyrille (Zy) is our newest PHP programmer and comes to us with 5 years experience in PHP including Laravel, Zend, CakePHP and other specialties. Ner (Ner) is a jack of all trades with eleven years experience in custom PHP development, Delphi and MS Access.

Why OFFSHORE PHP Development?

Why not onshore or, more specifically, in the Silicon Valley where Cambria has done most of its PHP custom development over its 32 years of existance. Anyone would be tempted to mention price when this subject comes up, and there is truth to it. But it is equally important to realize that quality of the product is of equal importance. I refer you Here for a full discussion of this but the basic reason this is true has to do with competition for expert PHP developers and our ability to hire and keep them.

If PHP software development is the way to go why is this site written in Classic ASP?

Cambria is not simply a Custom PHP development company, it is a full service custom software and web development company. We have been creating dynamic web sites for a decade and a half. The web development industry moves fast and our web developers are presented with new web programming tools all the time. In the late 1990's our web development company was using Classic ASP to develop websites such as the one you are looking at here. It is not the web development tool we would use today but since our site works fine there is no need to change for now. It is a good illustration of the "rotten but written" rule in our industry which means don't change working software unless there is a good reason to do so.

Why Use PHP for your Web Programming?

One reason to choose PHP is a variant on the theme "1 Billion Chinese can't be wrong". If it seems to you like everyone has been using PHP these days there is support for that view. According to John Koetsier it is possible that PHP is the leading web programming language. There are respectable claims that "35% of the web traffic is handled by PHP" . Another claim in Wikipedia is that 75% of websites use PHP! According to Roger Chapman 20 of "the top 40 most-visited websites" use PHP. Moreover most major content management systems are built in PHP (e.g., WordPress, Drupal and Joomla).

In other words PHP is popular and tested by time. This is important. PHP usually runs on the server and because of its popularity it is supported by virtually all platforms. Add that as freeware this an especially important element of the popularity itself because it comes for very little cost.

Maybe a better reason than following the crowd is to talk about what advantages PHP confers and whether its popularity is based upon something tangible that it has and the others don't. PHP is a server side scripting language. Nothing unusual about that. So was Classic ASP and so are Perl, Python and many other alternatives. In fact when you come down to the essentials there is no ultimate overriding advantage unless it is the availability of excellent frameworks such as CakePHP and Codeigniter. Many say it is easier to learn because it shares with C the most popular syntax among computer languages. Others point to its assendancy over Perl having to do with its being a special purpose language focused from the start to script web pages - and hence for this purpose having an advantage over a more general tool. And so on.

In my view PHP has a collection of small advantages, and perhaps a language like Python has some over PHP. These things are subjects of fierce debate among those committed to one tool or another but matter mainly to new computer programmers faced with the chore of choosing one over another in which to specialize and hence influence the long term growth or decline of the lanugage. But to our clients the thing that matters is building the application they want and this can be done in many ways. What really matters is what skills do your in-house staff or php consultants have. And is there legacy code that has to be integrated? If that is PHP then it is hard to think of a better reason to use PHP. If it is something else then there should be a good reason to change.

PHP Software Developer - Zy
Zy, Php Software Developer

Looking for a career in a PHP Software Development Company? Call us

If you are an expert PHP programmer or computer consultant with 5 or more years experience and are looking for another opportunity then please have a look at the "careers" section of our site to see openings for PHP developers.

Cambria's history as a PHP Software Development Company

This is for those with no time to slog through this site but who want to know a little more about Cambria before pushing that contact button and finding out if we mean what we say. We started Cambria in 1984 and began offering software development services from Palo Alto. We were comfortable enough using the DOS operating system until one day in the 1990s we were asked to write a small Web program and we said we thought we could do it easily enough.

Web programming was in the air at the time and we proceeded to master Classic ASP, PHP, Perl, Javascript, .Net and other related technologies one at a time. Today, of course, over 20 years later, Web Programming in general and PHP programming in particular account for most of the computer programming we do at Cambria.

The Silicon Valley is a great place for a php software development company but competing with every famous software company for local software development talent is not easy for a small company and we had serious problems in hiring talent of Greg's caliber.

To cope with this we tried different things, including opening an office in Philadelphia, but eventually, in 2006, we took the leap across the world to build a staff and offer PHP software development from the Philippines. In the Philippines, where we had the possibility and money to hire the best talent that exists in this English speaking country of 100 million, we have been astoundingly successful. Today most of us are in the Philippines and we are a company of 30 or so employees offering help in most current software development specialties.

Custom PHP Development Projects by Cambria

NYU Election System
NYU Election System - NYU needed a secure system to handle student council elections and other voting events and asked our PHP Development Company to create it. One of the main requirements was that it should run under a Linux platform. PHP was the best programming language option.
The NYU Elections module created by Cambria was integrated to NYUHome's Single Sign-On module using PHP. The Elections module has the ability to create and schedule an election, manage candidates and voters lists, manage the voting process for each voter and generate reports, tallies and results of an election. - Leveling the playing field for small and medium sized businesses; this is the vision of It is a free online community where local business owners can market their products and services.
After the beta launch, Cambria upgraded the site to keep it up to date with the current trends in web communities, such as user interaction through built in messaging system, Google Maps for store directions, customer discount coupons, advanced search for products and services, and the ability to share information on Myspace, Facebook, and Flickr. Upon registration, every user is given a secured page where they are able to create and manage their business profile, inventory of products and services, announcements, etc.
Hospitality Information Services, Inc.
Hospitality Information Services, Inc. (HIS) - is an information service provider which collects the real-time reader board information from a number of hotel, resorts, and conference centers every day. This data is then analyzed for the clients to use in making effective business decisions. In order to provide secure access to this information, we have helped HIS in creating a client portal. HIS client portal is a secure online portal for clients to login and access the reports, design custom intelligence reports. We store all this information in the database. A client can add one or more users as part of their client portal account. Each user can be assigned a different access level to the portal. There are multiple levels of access in the portal. For example, download all reports, some of the reports, create custom reports etc. Each user can update his account information by logging into the portal. We have built this client portal system in PHP on a windows platform.

1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

Unsolicited Testimonials

"Before I get your thoughts on something, I want you [Jaymar] to know how much we appreciate the work you've done for us so far and how responsive you have been and the great quality of your work!"

Michael BeDell, CEO, Barry Rhein and Associates, San Jose, CA

"I'm really impressed with Ragini and your company. She has been great help to me. "

Scott Waite,, San Diego, CA

"I look forward to getting it done soon! By the way, I am sure you already know but Ragini is wonderful."

Patrick Van Slyke, Assisted Living Placement Inc., Tustin, CA

"Chris and I wanted to thank you [Ragini] for your efforts on the recent NAPCO co-branding project. Your attention to detail, efforts, quick clear action and willingness to get the project done within budget was exceptional. It has been a pleasure working with you and working through any issues that we encountered. This project was important to Semper/PrintWorkers and it was handled professionally by you and your organization."
"This project and its success encourages me to grow this division of our company as I feel secure we have a partner that appreciates what we deem important and works with us to see a positive outcome. Very exciting potential."
"Ok, enough for the politically correct stuff - Ragini you ROCK!!,"

Brian Regan, Semper International LLC , Boston, MA

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