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"Without control of your Software you don't have control of your company" (i.e. Own the Source Code)1

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The Blackberry, made by Research in Motion (RIM) began its evolution into the smart phones we see today back in 2002. An advantage to developing for the Blackberry is their large installed base with more than 30 million of active Blackberry users in business environments.

Cambria has long developed applications using Java so the Blackberry Java Development Environment available from RIM was a natural for us to get started quickly. Our first Blackberry App was a Real Estate Back of the Envelope App for commercial investors and agents.

Blackberry Mobile Development
Cambria's Mobile Development team

Cambria will assist the Client during the entire Blackberry development lifecycle and will be available for support when needed in the future as we have been during the last 28 years for more traditional software applications.

1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

Unsolicited Testimonials

The team are doing GREAT!
Just to let you know I've organized 3 gift vouchers to be delivered to Vea, JM and Clariza tomorrow as a thank you for really outstanding work. When I come back I'll bring some chocolates or something for all in the office. We just want to say thank you because they have been a delight to work with!

Kurt Nasarenko, Narrative Global, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

"By the way, Alan and I are impressed that all the feedback from users hasn't resulted in any major errors – again, just small typos and stuff. Great job with the original app!"

Joseph Freed, Razak Company, Philadelphia, PA

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